[PDF] Bansal Classes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Module Download for IIT JEE


Download Bansal Classes Study Module for IIT JEE – Today, We are going to share Kota’s one of the top IIT JEE institute Bansal classes study material. You can download it for free. Please read the full post before download it.

download bansal study module for physics chemistry and maths

The book consists of almost every standard type of question on the JEE mains pattern. You can solve all the problems to understand the concepts more deeply. It will help you to crack JEE mains.

This book is provided by Bansal classes who is one of the top institutes for JEE Mains and Advanced. After, solving the problems you feel the change in yourself.  Bansal classes have given five times AR-1 rank in 16 last 16 years.


Chapter Name Download Link
Chap1 – Units, Dimensions & Vectors Download PDF
Chap2 – Kinematics Download PDF
Chap3 – NLM & Friction Download PDF
Chap4 – COM, Momentum & Collision Download PDF
Chap5 – Circular Motion & WPE Download PDF
Chap6 – Rotation  Download PDF
Chap7 – Elasticity and Thermal Expansion, Calorimetry Download PDF
Chap8 – Heat Transfer Download PDF
Chap9 – Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics Download PDF
Chap10 – Fluid Mechanic, Surface Tension & Viscosity Download PDF
Chap11 – Electrostatics Download PDF
Chap12 – Gravitation Download PDF
Chap13 – Current Electricity Download PDF
Chap14 – Capacitor Download PDF
Chap15 – Magnetic effects of current & Magnetism Download PDF
Chap16 – EMI and Alternating Current Download PDF
Chap17 – Geometrical Optics Download PDF
Chap18 – Wave Optics Download PDF
Chap19 – Modern Physics Download PDF


Download Bansal Chemistry Module

Chapter Name

Download Link
Chapter02 – Mole Concept Download PDF
Chapter03 – Chemical Bonding Download PDF
Chapter04 – Nomenclature Download PDF
Chapter05 – Isomerism Download PDF
Chapter06 – GOC Download PDF
Chapter07 – Gaseous State Download PDF
Chapter08 – Atomic Structure Download PDF
Chapter09 – Hydrocarbons Download PDF
Chapter10 – Purification & Characterisation of Organic Compounds Download PDF
Chapter11 – Redox Reaction Download PDF
Chapter12 – Hydrogen & Compounds Download PDF
Chapter13 – Chemical Equilibrium Download PDF
Chapter14 – Ionic Equilibrium Download PDF
Chapter15 – S Block Download PDF
Chapter16- p block 1 Download PDF
Chapter17 – Thermodynamics Download PDF
Chapter18 – Thermochemistry Download PDF
Chapter19 – Chemical Kinetics Download PDF
Chapter20 – Alcohol, Phenol & Ethers Download PDF
Chapter21 – Halogen Derivatives&Grignard Reagents Download PDF
Chapter22 – Coordination Compound Download PDF
Chapter23 – Radioactivity Download PDF
Chapter24 – Carbonyl Compounds Download PDF
Chapter25 – Carboxylic Acid & Derivatives Download PDF
Chapter26 – Solutions Download PDF
Chapter27 – Electrochemistry Download PDF
Chapter28 – Nitrogen Compounds Download PDF
Chapter29 – Metallurgy Download PDF
Chapter30 – P Block 2 Download PDF
Chapter31 – Qualitative Analysis Download PDF
Chapter32- d&f block elements Download PDF
Chapter33 – Solid State Download PDF
Chapter34 – Surface Chemistry Download PDF
Chapter35 – Aromatic Hydrocarbons Download PDF
Chapter36 – Biomolecules Download PDF
Chapter37 – Polymers Download PDF



Chapter Name

Download Link
Chapter01 – Logarithm DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter02 – Trig Phase 1 (Compound Angles) DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter03 – Progression&Series DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter04 – Quadratic Equation DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter05 – Trig Phase 2 (Trig Equations) DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter06 – Solutions of Triangle DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter07 – Binomial Theorem DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter08 – P&C DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter09 – Straight Line DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter11 – Inverse Trig Functions DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter13 – Determinant&Matrices DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter14 – Limit, Continuity, and Differentiability DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter15 – Methods of Differentiation DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter16 – Indefinite Integration DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter17 – Definite Integration DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter18 – Application of Derivative DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter19 – Area under curves DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter20 – Differential Equation DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter21 – Vector&3D DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter22 – Probability DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter23 – Conic Sections DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter24 – Complex Number DOWNLOAD PDF
Chapter25 – Relation, Mathematical Induction, Height & Distance, Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning DOWNLOAD PDF


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